Quantum Synergy Canada Inc. provides a range of training programs to meet appropriate needs of any organization.

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Executive and Senior Management Briefings

This two to three hour presentation will address strategies and leadership role for CEO and Senior Executives in achieving excellence and cost effective Environmental Health Safety and Quality performance. The business case for EHSQ management systems will be described and saving opportunities would be outlined.

Training for Managers and Supervisors

Quantum Synergy Canada Inc. provides a range of training courses for managers and supervisors.These programs identify Environmental Health Safety and Quality (EHSQ) management as good business practices, cost effective and improvement to productivity. These programs introduce managers/ supervisors to key principles and the skills required to integrate EHSQ into one's overall management function. These courses will assist in achieving excellence in performance, compliance with legislation and promoting a workplace culture of excellence.

Training for Workers

Quantum Synergy Canada Inc. provides a range of training courses for workers. These training courses provide basic information and practices for the protection of people, property and the environment. The training courses are presented with the view to integrate EHSQ knowledge and practices into all aspect of the work and workplace and at the same time the discussion emphasizes productivity, product quality, and customer’s satisfaction. Standard procedures and guidelines are reviewed and the courses cover all the topics in effective Environmental Health Safety and Quality Management Programs.

Safety Leadership: Consultation and Consensus Building

Consultation, consensus building and the inclusion of stakeholders in decision making are very critical in the development and implementation of an effective safety programmed. This programmed addresses the need, process and skills in leadership, consultation and consensus building.

Accident Investigation

The prevention of accidents requires a thorough understanding of the causes of accidents. This training will explore the causes of accidents, information collection techniques, interviewing skills, information analysis, cost of accidents, corrective strategies and the benefits of effective accident investigation.

Workplace Inspection

Presented as a tool to identify and control hazards in the workplace. Both operational and safety committee inspections are covered. Proper workstation design, equipment hazard, materials and the use of a checklist are included. Reporting and corrective actions to maintain safe workplaces are discussed.

Asbestos Hazard Awareness

Exposure to Asbestos is known to cause cancer. This training deals with characteristics, exposure and illnesses, materials containing Asbestos and general precautions which should be taken in different situations.

Asbestos Work Practices

Working with Asbestos requires specific precautions. This workshop covers all the information in the hazard awareness programmed as well as covering specific personal protective equipment, enclosures, negative pressure, decontamination and air monitoring.

Musculo-Skeletal Injury Prevention and Ergonomics (Repetitive Strain Injury)

This training covers the symptoms and prevention of injuries resulting from poor workplace design and poor work practices. Workstation design, fitness, physical conditions which affect proper lifting, moving and manipulative techniques are discussed.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System or Right to Know

Training designed to meet legislated requirements and covers labeling, materials safety data sheets, storage and handling of hazardous materials.

Exposure Monitoring and Sampling

This training is designed to help individuals identify workplace hazards, exposure measurement, instrumentation and methods of control. The programmed outlines methods of measuring exposure to dust, particulate, fumes, vapours, chemicals, noise and radiation. Participants will be able to compare tests results with applicable regulations and standards. TLV application would be discussed and hands-on use of instruments would be provided.

Construction Trades Safety Training

Safety training for general construction and specific trades would be covered in this programmed. Topics include responsibilities, personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, material handling, ladders, scaffolds, work platforms and tools etc.

Specific Training

Quantum Synergy Canada Inc. designs and delivers a range of specific training courses for workplaces such as, Elevator Safety, Confined Space Entry and Retrieval, Lock-out/Tag-out, Working at Heights, Fall Protection, Fork Lift and Overhead Crane Operations, Hoisting and Rigging, Heavy Equipment, Infectious Diseases, Working with Hydrogen Sulfide, Occupational Exposure and Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring (small instrument workshop), Noise Assessment and Abatement, New Equipment Design/ Process Addition /Process Change, and Committee Members.