Hazard Assessment and Control

Workplace hazard assessment and job hazard analysis are key methods used to identify hazards such as dust chemical, noise and radiation. Successful cost effective hazard control methods are identified to meet the specific needs of the workplace.

Confined Spaces
As the new Regulations are being enforced many workplace must demonstrate that an assessment of all buildings, procedures and training to workers are completed.

Workplace Violence
Educational activities have been identifies as a high risk environment for violence and School boards are required to conduct violence assessments, develop control strategies and provide training for workers.

Environmental Assessment and Control

Environmental assessment and management services are provided to industries, institutions and government. Professional and technical services include: waste and environmental audits, environmental assessment, hazardous waste management, air, soil and water analysis. Treatments and control methods are recommended to meet specific situations.

Management Accountability, Liability and Due Diligence

Managers and officers of corporations are responsible and accountable for the safety of workers, environmental degradation, protection of property and product liability. Proven effective management practices would be developed for your workplace to control losses arising from safety problems in the workplace.

Safety and Labour Relations

Organizations often experience linkages between implementation of safety programs and labour relations. Many companies have safety as an item in their collective agreements. Harmonious labour relations along with continuous improvement in safety performance are developed to meet the specific needs of the workplace.

Internal Responsibility System

External pressures make organizations change directions and philosophy. However an Internal Responsibility System is most effective in the implementation and continuous improvement of safety performance. Internal Responsibility System deals with responsibility, accountability, authority and safety committee activities.

Legislative Compliance

Assistance is provided to comply with safety and environment related legislations and to work with governmental agencies. Professional representations are made on behalf of workplaces to demonstrate compliance with legislation.

Safety Audit

A safety audit evaluates the overall strengths and weakness of a workplace Health and Safety Program. Our audit questionnaire containing twenty-eight (28) questions divided into four (4) sections; (1) Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, (2) Health and Safety Program Development, (3) Health and Safety Program Implementation and (4) Health and Safety Program Promotion / Communication. Safety policies and practices are verified by reviewing documents, interviews and observation. A complete inspection of the facilities is conducted during an audit.

Consultation and Consensus Building

The success of health and safety programs depends on the involvement of all stakeholders in decision making. Workers and management are jointly responsible for safety performance. Services are provided to assist in encouraging a positive workplace environment and to facilitate the consensus building process.

Joint Health and Safety Committee; Greater Effectiveness

The Joint Health and Safety Committee is a forum for management and workers to bring Internal Responsibility System into the workplace. The committee facilitates joint decision making to improve safety performance in the workplace. We assist committees to achieve greater effectiveness and develop strategies to resolve safety problems in a timely manner.

Worker's Compensation Claim Reduction

Compensation claims arising out of workplace injuries and illnesses can become a long term financial burden and harm the competitiveness of your business. Measures to minimize these costs by reducing the risk of injury and illness are developed and implemented in the workplace.

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

Violence and harassment are problems in the workplace. The characteristics and extent of these problems are often unrecognized. Assistance is provided to improve personal security through assessment, development of processes to increase awareness and encourage a positive cooperative workplace.