Strategies towards Improved Safety Culture and Performance

DoSafety© is a series of strategies designed and implemented to improve safety performance and foster a safety oriented organizational culture. The main focus is in embedding the concept of DoSafety© in all communication methods which will lead to enhanced safe work practices and by extension improved organizational performance outlined in the policies and procedures and to overcome the perceived hindrance to productivity.

We proposed to review the existing safety management system the workplace has implemented and build the DoSafety© strategy to foster improved safety performance and culture.

The DoSafety© strategy involves the following:

The repositioning of safety as an integral aspect of work performance.

1. Safety legislations are seen as the laws for work and apply to all workplaces and their parties.
2. Work Processes are analysis for hazards and risks.
3. Hazard and risk controls are instituted and continually monitored
4. Safe and standard work practices are written and communicated
5. Training combines technical knowledge and skills with the theme DoSafety©
6. Periodic and ongoing reinforcement is given to safety performance.

The implementation of the DoSafety© strategy involves the following:

1. Process hazard analysis and identification of existing workplace controls
2. Review of existing safe and standard work procedures and practices
3. Development of relevant training to address the specific needs of the workplace
4. Senior management briefing for DoSafety©
5. Managers’ and Supervisors’ training for DoSafety©
6. Workers’ training for DoSafety©
7. Periodic and ongoing reinforcement for DoSafety©